Welcome back to part two of this conversation with Amber Rae of Grow Wild & Co! In this continued conversation from that week, Amber and I discuss bodies, health, movement, and even post-pregnancy changes for her. Plus we’re diving into the three questions I ask every guest in regards to when her mindset shifted on […]


April 25, 2022

Episode 026: Socials, Bodies, and Building the Future with Amber Rae – Part 2

Our images of our bodies and the clothes we wear are influenced at such a young age, so how does that impact you as you get older? In today’s episode, Amber Rae of Grow Wild & Co, joins us for part one of this two part series to share the impact she’s seen young children […]


April 18, 2022

Episode 025: Socials, Bodies, and Building the Future with Amber Rae – Part 1

There are so many forms of self-love and acceptance that we’ve shared here on the podcast, but what about owning your body and your culture? In this episode, Brandi Douglas joins us to talk about diversity and inclusion, her journey to self love, and owning her body and culture. Review the Show Notes: Get to […]


April 11, 2022

Episode 024: Owning Your Body & Your Culture with Brandi Douglas

There are a lot of common misconceptions about nutrition, health, and weight within our society. In today’s episode, Kristie Messerli, a diabetes educator joins us to discuss these misconceptions, shine light on the importance of managing blood sugars and eating without confusion in any diet, but especially when it comes to those with diabetes. Review […]


April 4, 2022

Episode 23: Diabetes, Nutrition, & HAES with Kristie Messerli

For the first time in my life, I am eating freely. I’m not thinking about food for weight-loss, nor makes me feel shame. In today’s episode, I am sharing what my relationship with food has looked like in the past and how for the first time in 30+ years, I’m eating freely. Review the Show […]


March 28, 2022

Episode 022: Eating Freely

In continuation of last week’s episode on manifesting, Patty Wells and I dive deep into conversation of how the impacts of manifestation have impacted her life, along with self love and acceptance. Listen in as we talk about Patty’s journey to reclaiming her body and making big changes for herself. Review the Transcript:


March 21, 2022

Episode 021: Manifesting to Movement with Patty Wells – Part 2

Do you believe int the power of manifestation? My friend Patty Wells and I sat down for a very intriguing conversation all about manifestation. This conversation was soooo good that I wanted to break it down into two parts. In this first episode, you’ll get to know Patty and hear how she got into manifestation after having […]


March 14, 2022

Episode 020: Manifesting to Movement with Patty Wells – Part 1

It was just a matter of time before I brought my boyfriend Peet on the show to share about body positivity and self-image from a male perspective—today is that day. While I’ve had a variety of conversations on the show with my female friends, I know just how important this topic is for all genders. […]


March 7, 2022

Episode 019: A Male Perspective: Body Positivity with Peet van Kruyssen

Have you ever felt the fear and shame that comes with making a big decision? Following that decision based on your intuition, you’ve likely felt relief to some degree. In today’s episode, I’m sharing about a few big decisions I’ve had to make recently and how I knew the decisions I made reflected my truth. […]


February 28, 2022

Episode 018: Big Decisions – Fear, Shame, Intuition, and Relief

You’ve heard the airline rule that when the oxygen mask comes down you need to prioritize yourself before others—I think the same is true in friendships and relationships. When you prioritize yourself, you’re doing so not only selfishly, but you’re doing it for the impact on the other person as well. In today’s episode, I’m […]


February 21, 2022

Episode 017: When The Oxygen Mask Comes Down

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